Welcome to the self-compassion Lived Experience Narrative research website!



From October 2022 to april 2023

please feel free to complete your self-compassion lived experience narrative.

There is no limit

to the amount of detail you can share with us regarding your experiences with self-compassion. Your detailed narratives provide for deep understanding.


It is important to note

at no time will you be asked to provide your name or contact information. We are only interested in your experiences of self-compassion in human service programs, not your name or personal information.

Principles & Ethics

The purpose of this work is to

Ultimately, this three-year research study will establish a consumer-informed foundation for a much-needed compassion-based guiding framework that can aid Canadian Human Service (HS) Organizations and service providers in their ability to be responsive to the aspirations and preferences of consumers in ways that strengthen their ability to lead self-directed lives.  This work is possible because of the support of partner organizations and community members.